Activites of Ashram :
Welfare activities of the Ashram :
Needy patients given hospital and medicinal expenses.
Books & Stationary given to deserving students.
Food items distributed to needy people.
Special bicycles given to handicapped people.
Anna bhandara – to feed all visitors and devotees.

Community marriages, thread ceremonies, havens and many other similar services have been arranged by the Ashram.


Guruji mamaji is strictly against all bad habits like drinking ,smoking, tobacco chewing ,etc. He has freely distributed thousands of pamphlets to educate the people about the harmful effects of these addictions.

The Aim of Guruji Mamaji & Sat Mataji is that through the Social Welfare activities of the ashram, there should be no discrimination of caste and creed. People of all Religions and communities should learn to live together in harmony . Guruji Mamaji & Sat mataji wish that these activities should continue now , tomorrow and forever for universal peace and happiness.
 Utrayan - 2017
 Dut Janti Utsav - 2016
 Blood Donestion - Dut Janti Utsav - 2016



Stage Plays for children's Development
Bicycles Distribution to Handicapped people
Ashram's Function
Bad Habits Against Ashram