Shree Guruji Mamaji :

Dutta Upasak, Dharmapriya ,Akhand Anandi Avdhut, Siddha Hast, Chetanvanta and Hathayogi, Param Pujya Mahant Shree Guruji Mamaji is the founder of The Aum Gurudutt Girnari Ashram,which is dedicated to the service of humanity and animal welfare.

Mahant Shree Guruji Mamaji was born in Mangrol, Saurashtra, the auspicious land of saints and mahatmas. From the age of eight years, He performed many miracles and was always keenly interested in associating with saints and and holy men. He spent many years doing strict penance and meditation at various holy places like Kamnath Mahadev Temple at Mangrol , in the jungles,and at the Mata Mahakali Temple .

The devastating flood at Morbi in 1979 where He witnessed the suffering of the people,and an unfortunate incident in his family life were a turning point in his life and He decided to spend the rest of His life in social and animal welfare activities.

He subjected his body to severe hardships. He walked around the holy Girnar mountain many many times.

He endured severe cold, burning heat, stormy rain. He tied bandages over his eyes and did not remove them for many weeks,He has determined not to wear shoes for the rest of his life.

After all these penances ,one auspicious full moon night of Mahashivratri, Param Pujya Guruji Mamaji got the darshana of one of the greatest spiritual yogis of our times,Alankik Tapasviyogiraj , Brahmaling Param Pujya Shree Patal Bapu of Sidhha Ashram of the Himalayas .

Shree Patal Bapu,who rarely gives darshana appeared before Guruji Mamaji ,showered His blessing on Him ,gave Him the Gurumantra and transferred His Divine Power to Guruji Mamaji .

Many welfare activities are carried out by Guruji Mamaji with the help of the Divine vitality and energy which flows from His Divine Guruji Shree Patal Bapu.

Mahant Shree Guruji Mamaji is affectionately called “Parle Baba” , as he believes that only Parle Biscuits should be offered as Parasada, as they are enjoyed by young and old, instead of sweets, fruits, coconuts etc. which may get spoilt and have to be discarded.He is also called “ Chaddi Vale Baba”- The Guruji with the golden wand or “ Maujila Baba” – The Guruji who is always cheerful.

In the critical times of Kaliyuga, people face many difficulties and only a true Sadguru can help them overcome their sorrows. Mahant Shree Guruji Mamaji is one such priceless jewel in our midst, who guides us, blesses us, destroys our ignorance and suffering and leads us to the path of knowledge and happiness. If we go to Him with a pure heart, listen to His advice and act on it unquestioningly, we can attain eternal bliss.

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