Sadguru Sat Mataji :

Sadguru Shree Sat Mataji is daughter of Mahant Shree Guruji Mamaji. She constantly assists Guruji in religious and welfare work and expertly organizes all the activities of the Ashram.

Her childlike face is full of love and affection and she is always ready to patiently listen to all the devotees and give advice if necessary. Her glorious personality attracts everyone who comes to Her.

Right from Her childhood, Sadguru Mataji has dedicated herself to the service of God and Her beloved Guruji, Mahant Shree Guruji Mamaji.

She strictly obeys Her Guruji and is always ready to carry out His smallest command ,unquestioningly. She has a great thirst for knowledge and constantly reads religious books ,sings and composes religious songs.

One auspicious day, Sadguru Mataji propitiated Bhagwan Shree Dattatraya and acquired Divine Knowledge.She is also Upasaka of Jagat Jogini Swarupa Maa Khodiyar and has acquired Divine Power from Her.

All the devotees of the Ashram love to sing this beautiful song composed by her :

“Tum sacche mann se bhajan karo, Girnari milenge kabhi na kabhi”
If you remember Girnari ( God) with a pure heart you will find Him someday...

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