Future Plans of the Ashram :

•  Annashetra - to feed all visitors & devotees.

•  An old people's Home.

•  A Hospital and Health club to provide modern facilities to the common man.

•  A library with educational religious and mythological books.

•  A Bal Vatica - a play school for children.

•  A Video theatre where religious films will be screened.

•  A professional training centre to help youngsters find employment.

•  Samuh Lagna- Where people from different communities will take their marriage vows together.

•  Destitute women will be taught some art or craft to enable them to stand on their own feet.

•  An ayurvedic garden with medicinal plants.

•  Free boarding and lodging for all visitors.

•  Akhanda Dhuno -an eternal flame which will burn forever.

•  A Dev Mandir - A Temple where all religions of the world will be represented.

The aim of the Ashram is to welcome people from all religions, from all castes and creeds, from all over the world and prove that they can all live together in harmony.